January 04, 2020
This Veganuary there’s plenty to get excited about. Gone are the days of a single, sorry-looking bean burger on your plate. Most of the major supermarkets are offering bigger and better vegan ranges this year, so you can really fill your boots (or stomach) with plant-based goodness.
The Ultimate Guide To The New Vegan Foods Coming To Supermarkets
Asda is launching its first plant-based own label with 48 products in the range, all approved by the Vegan Society, while Co-op has launched a new own-label brand called GRO, aimed at on-the-go vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians.
Meanwhile Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are expanding their existing vegan ranges – promising lots of innovative plant-based foods to add to your basket. We know new products are coming to Tesco too, however it’s not yet been confirmed what they’ll be.
Without further ado, here are the supermarket launches to get excited about this month.The BasicsThis January marks the launch of several new ‘basic’ ingredients – that is to say meat alternatives you can use as the basis for your own cooked meals, whether that’s a homely stew or something as simple as (no) chicken and chips. 
At Waitrose, expect to find Marinated No Beef Chunks (£2.99) and No Chicken Crispy Slices (£2.99), while Sainsbury’s ups its game with a pack of two Vegan Steaks (£3) and Smoky Vacon Rashers (£2 for eight) for that bacon sarnie fix.
The supermarket is also selling sausage alternatives in Cumberland, caramelised onion and chorizo flavours (£2.50) as well as tinned Banana Blossom in water, a fish alternative that can be made into goujons or ‘fish’ fingers and Young Jackfruit in water, often used as a pulled meat alternative (both £1.20).Asda is flogging a meat-free burger made with mushroom for £1.50. While for those wanting to make their own bolognese or chilli, Co-op is selling Tender Mince (meat-free, of course) which is seasoned with herbs (£3, available in selected stores).
Aldi is also getting on the bandwagon, selling Loma Linda Fishless Tuna (£1.99), made from textured soy protein, and flavoured with seaweed powder and vegan fish flavourings. There are two types available: Tuno Mayonnaise and Tuno Spring Water.The MainsKatsu Curry, Co-op, £2.95You can now get your Wagamama fix at home with this vegan take – crunchy breaded soya bites sit in a classic Katsu curry sauce with fragrant jasmine rice. Asda is also doing a vegan Katsu curry (£2.50) made with sweet potato that’s also worth checking out.Lentil Shepherd’s Pie With Root Vegetable Mash, M&S, £3This winter warmer features lentils cooked with vegetables and mushrooms in a tomato and red wine sauce, and topped with root vegetable mash. Wholesome.Crisp-Crumbed Fishless Goujons, Waitrose, £3.50Made with jackfruit, banana blossom and oyster mushrooms, these goujons are best served in a sandwich or wrap with tartare sauce made from vegan mayo. Alternatively, get your fish and chips fix from M&S with its ToFish Fish & Chips dish (£3.50) – seasoned tofu in a light tempura style batter with chips and vegan tartare sauce.Specially Selected Vegan Parcels, Aldi, £2.99Two crispy vegan pastry parcels, golden on the outside and filled with roasted vegetables, herbs and spices. Available in BBQ Jackfruit and Spicy Firecracker Vegetable, they’re suggested as snacks or to be served at parties.The Kasmiri Spice Pizza, Co-op, £3.50A single-serve stonebaked pizza topped with stringy MozzaRisella (a vegan cheese alternative), spiced cauliflower and spicy Kashmiri-style sauce. If you’re after something cheaper, Aldi has launched a Plant Menu Vegan Pizza for £1.75. Choose from BBQ Jackfruit, Spicy Cauliflower or ‘Bacon’ & Mushroom toppings.Plant Pioneers Shroomballs® & Spaghetti, Sainsbury’s, £3.00A hearty meal made up of non-egg spaghetti with mushroom and jackfruit vegan balls in a herby tomato sauce.Red Pepper And Mango Curry, Aldi, £1.99Returning to Aldi’s frozen range this year are the Plant Menu Vegan Ready Meals (£1.99), now available in Smoky BBQ Jackfruit, Red Pepper & Mango Curry and Yellow Thai Curry to satisfy those tastebuds. Asian Inspired BBQ Mushroom With Sticky Rice, Waitrose, £3.75Fluffy and aromatic sticky rice served with marinated and roasted portobello mushrooms, vibrant pak choi and pickled vegetables in a spicy chilli and garlic sauce.No Chicken Kiev, M&S, £3.50A vegan-friendly Kiev made from soya with a garlic filling – all coated in golden breadcrumbs. Sainsbury’s is also selling vegan cheddar-style kievs in its Plant Pioneers range for £1.75.Vegan Onion Bhaji With Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Wrap, Aldi, £1.79Onion bhaji with spiced cauliflower and sweet potato puree, pickled red cabbage, mango and apricot chutney, and spinach, served in an Indian spiced wrap. Sounds perfect for lunch.Vegan Pea and Jack Hock Fiorelli, Waitrose, £3.19Fresh vegan pasta filled with petits pois and jackfruit with a hint of mint and smoked paprika. Best served with the supermarket’s new tomato and ‘mascarfone’ sauce.No Chick Sweet & Sour, Iceland, £2.00Soya protein, red peppers and pineapple coated in a tangy sweet and sour sauce – a great alternative to ordering in.Vegan Steak Bake, Co-op, £1.50A vegan steak bake filled with a rich shroom gravy. Perfect if you can’t make it to Greggs. Alternatively, get your pasty fix at Iceland which is selling a No Cheese & Onion Pasty (two for £2.00) – expect flaky pastry filled with melting dairy-free cheese and onion.The Sides Butternut Mac, Asda, £2.50 A creamy, plant-based alternative to your favourite mac and cheese, made with butternut squash.No Duck Spring Rolls, M&S, £2.50Crispy spring rolls filled with shredded soya protein with hoisin sauce and vegetables. Asda is also selling Duckless Spring Rolls for £2.25.No Egg Fried Rice, Waitrose, £1.99For those who can’t function without this takeaway classic, Waitrose is selling Vegan No Egg Fried Rice for £1.99. The rice is cooked with tofu, petits pois, spring onion, ginger and sesame seed oil, and is a good accompaniment to takeaway curries and stir fries. “We are using a combination of turmeric and tofu to help with vibrant egg colour and texture,” says Waitrose.Dirty Fries, Asda, £2.25Smothered in a tangy, non-dairy creamy sauce, these potatoe fries come topped with lashings of cheddar alternative and Roquito chilli peppers. Asda promises they’re “dripping in flavour” – now you can taste and see. Plant Pioneers Meat Free Mini Sausage Rolls, Sainsbury’s, £1.75Crispy puff pastry wrapped around a vegan Cumberland sausage-style filling made with rehydrated textured soya protein.Vegan No Chicken Samosa, Waitrose, £2.59A moreish snack, ideal as a starter or side to curries. It’s made with with crisp fried pastry and filled with soya mince, onion and potato with herbs and spices.And finallyNando’s Vegan PERinaise, Tesco, £1.90Not necessarily a side, but it goes with your sides so it’s good enough for us. This plant-based twist on a fan favourite sauce was released on 1 January in Nando’s restaurants and is now on the shelves at Tesco stores nationwide.Related... The 10 Best Vegan Cookbooks To Spice Up Your Plant-Based Diet 9 Vegan Travel Destinations, From People Who’ve Been There And Eaten The Food The Best Vegan Party Canapés To Keep Your Christmas Guests Happy Go Green With Your Beauty Routine: 5 Refillable Brands To Try We all work hard to earn our money – so it shouldn’t feel like hard work to spend it well. At HuffPost Finds we’ll help you find the best stuff that deserves your cash, from the ultimate lipstick to a durable iron to replace the one that broke (RIP). All our choices are completely independent but we may earn a small commission if you click a link and make a purchase. 
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