January 15, 2020
Warning: This article contains speculation and possible spoilers for ITV’s The Masked Singer.
The Masked Singer: All The Fan Theories On The Secret Celebrity Identities
If you’re anything like us, your 2020 will have got off to a surreal start, as we found ourselves transfixed by ITV’s new show The Masked Singer.
The singing contest is kind of a weird hybrid of The Voice and Through The Keyhole, that’s left us shouting random celebrity names at our TV while a load of famous people put on weird performances in elaborate and over-the-top disguises.
So far, three of the secret celebs have already been revealed, with stars as far-reaching as soap actress Patsy Palmer, former MP Alan Johnson and The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins all having been unmasked.
With nine still left in the competition, here are the top theories about which stars are still thriving incognito...Queen Bee 
Main theory: Nicola Roberts, formerly of Girls Aloud
Evidence: Some Girls Aloud fans predicted that Nicola was Queen Bee before the show had even begun, after hearing a snippet of her belting Sia’s Alive in the trailer, and picking up on her distinctive voice.
Since then, though, there’ve been multiple clues to suggest this would be the case. Before her first performance, Queen Bee hinted at having a reputation for being shy, which was certainly the case during Nicola’s time in Girls Aloud.The following week, the clues came in thick and fast, with Queen Bee claiming to be an activist and “law-maker”, a potential reference to Nicola’s campaigning to have the use of sunbeds banned for people under the age of 16.
Queen Bee was also seen walking around while banging a drum, while Nicola’s debut solo single was called Beat Of My Drum.
And while her voice might be distorted, next time she’s on screen you might even pick up on a slight Scouse twang to Queen Bee’s speaking voice.
Other suspects:Starting #TheMaskedSingeruk Is the queen bee @charlottechurch ?? Or maybe @JessieJ is "the Joker of the pack" clue means the Jester /Jess-ster??— THE GLORY. 🍻 (@TheGloryLondon) January 12, 2020Convinced Queen Bee is @VickyPattison - A Geordie twang to her voice, “law maker” being about her show Judge Geordie, “royalty” being because she won I’m a Celeb!! She has a degree in Drama, and she can sing! Gotcha #MaskedSinger— Dani Kemp (@danikemp_) January 11, 2020Queen Bee is definitely @KatiePrice she changed the law for Harvey and kids with disability #MaskedSinger— clairebell (@clairebell1984) January 13, 2020I'm not on that bloody show!— Charlotte Church (@charlottechurch) January 11, 2020Duck 
Main theory: Skin, frontwoman of Skunk Anansie
Evidence: Now, after the first week of The Masked Singer, we were totally stumped about Duck’s identity, and all the clues about how competitive she is seemed to suggest she was a sports star.
The following week, we learned more about the celeb behind the giant rubber duck, though, with many on Twitter suggesting she’s actually Skunk Anansie Singer Skin.While Duck revealed she speaks two foreign languages – as showcased when she performed her second song in Italian – Skin tweeted about learning Italian in 2015, and has previously revealed her love of running, a supposed favourite past time of her bird alter-ego.
And then there’s her “happy birthday” anecdotes. Duck claimed 850,000 people once sang “happy birthday” to her, while she did the same to an anonymous “true legend”.
While we’re still not sure about that mysterious crowd of 850,000, what we do know is that Skin once sang “happy birthday” to Nelson Mandela, fuelling the fire that she’s the star underneath the Duck costume. 
Other suspects:Duck says a crowd of over 800k sang happy birthday to her. Here's a video of a large crowd singing happy birthday to Mel C. Mel C = Duck! 🐥#MaskedSinger#MaskedSingerUKhttps://t.co/zrgoZQaCH6— corey seville (@coreyseville) January 11, 2020#MaskedSinger duck is Geri from spice girls. Sang happy birthday to Prince Charles— Jodene (@curiouscroquet) January 11, 2020Still think Duck is either Denise Lewis or Kelly Holmes #MaskedSinger— Joe Boxall (@joeboxie) January 11, 2020UnicornMain theory: Jake Shears, the former Scissor Sisters singer
Evidence: The identity of Unicorn is one of the most divisive questions remaining on The Masked Singer. It’s a fair bet that there’s a rather flamboyant character underneath the mask, with early guesses – including by judge Jonathan Ross – suggesting it’s John Barrowman.
John does fit the bill for a number of reasons. There’s the American accent, for one thing, but also discussing his joy at seeing his name up “in lights”. However, many fans are also convinced that it’s actually Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters fame underneath all those rainbow feathers.Unicorn’s falsetto notes could be a giveaway as to the fact it’s Jake under the costume, but also the fact he grew up on a “small island”, before the lights of the big city drew him in (Jake was raised in San Juan Island, Washington, before moving to New York for uni).
He also appeared in a Broadway production of Kinky Boots, which would explain that comment about seeing his name up in lights. 
We wouldn’t be surprised if it did in fact turn out to be John Barrowman – or another celeb, of course – but right now Jake is where we’d be placing our bets. 
Other suspects:My instinct said Kevin McHale was Unicorn last week, then I became convinced it was John Barrowman, now I’m back to Kevin McHale again. 🤔🦄 #MaskedSinger— Stephanie ✨ (@stephanie_hall) January 11, 2020#Maskedsinger pineapple is my favourite food? #unicorn#johnbarrowman (although I do also think it might be Kevin Mchale) 🤔 pic.twitter.com/VnRdI0KSIR— Rebecca (@Reboushkah) January 12, 2020Kevin McHale is a very long shot for The #MaskedSinger given that it was filmed at the same time he was a contestant on Celebrity #XFactor— Matt (@iMattG5) January 11, 2020I can confirm I am NOT unicorn.. 🦄#MaskedSingerhttps://t.co/Jq8P8EbTyA— Bobby Norris (@BobbyCNorris) January 12, 2020Hedgehog 
Main theory: West End legend Michael Ball
Evidence: As was the case with Duck, it didn’t cross our minds that Hedgehog might actually be Michael Ball until week two, when he dropped a few more clues about his secret identity.
Nestled among Hedgehog’s possessions in his VT were props from shows like The Phantom Of The Opera and Hairspray – both of which Michael has appeared in during his musical theatre career – and he also commented he hoped to have a “ball” up on stage.There were some cat figurines in his house too, and while Michael has never actually been in the feline musical, he did cover Memory on his album Encore.
Another popular theory is that it’s comedian Jason Manford, who has also branched into musical theatre in the last few years.
In episode one, Hedgehog also teased he used to “die every night at 8.30” in one of his past jobs, a joke similar to one Jason used to describe his role in the musical Sweeney Todd.
And could this cat figurines actually be a reference to 8 Out Of 10 Cats..?
Other suspects:Just seen the repeat of #MaskedSinger and I am convinced (even before I saw any of the other tweets) that hedgehog is Alfie Boe. The “ball” reference was to easy to be Michael Ball— Philip Hoyles (@PhilipHoyles) January 12, 2020My guess is @JasonManford many clues point to him, last night he said “when the curtain came down on last weeks show’ he’s in the show curtains at the moment. The theatrical props are poss clues to other people he has worked with 🤔 everyone else on show no clue! 😂#MaskedSinger— Geraldine Shek (@gerishek) January 12, 2020#Hedgehog has gotta be @JasonManfordWatch video from approx 1:30. He says he was dead by half Eight every night! 😋 #MaskedSinger#maskedsingerukhttps://t.co/GSi1I4x255— Sarah Gregory (@WelshGirlSarah9) January 12, 2020I'm throwing a curve ball for hedgehog on #maskedsinger I'm going for Jimmy Carr! All those cats for 8 out of 10 cats. And he clearly uses lots of hairspray! 😂😂😂— Dannielle Dacey (@dannielle_dacey) January 11, 2020MonsterMain theory: Chart-topping singer Cee-Lo Green
Evidence: As soon as Monster started singing, viewers (and the judges) began suspecting that he was former Gnarls Barkley singer Cee-Lo Green, who is famed for his distinctive singing voice.
Monster also claimed one of his musical heroes was Tony Hadley, someone Cee-Lo confessed to being a fan in an interview with The Guardian a decade ago. Monster also professes to not be from the UK, which goes with the theory that is Cee-Lo. Joel Dommett has previously teased Grammy-winners among the cast, too, with the star having won five of them during his career.
The F*** You singer might be an unusual choice for a family show, though, given certain comments he’s made in the last couple of years.
Other suspects:Monster - Kinda sounded like Big Narstie talkingFox - Denise Van OutenTree - GOT to be David BeckhamPharoah - 100% Alan JohnsonOctopus - Ashley Roberts?Daisy - Kelis?!This programme is awful but I'm hooked ffs #MaskedSinger— James (@James__Craig) January 5, 2020Monster could it be chris Eubanks, he was in the jungle with tony Hadley #MaskedSinger— Gilly66 (@Gilly661) January 5, 2020Fox 
Main theory: TV personality and actress Denise Van Outen
Evidence: Fox really had us all guessing with her introductory VT, dropping clues that were both really specific (hinting she’d been on EastEnders, claiming she’d been a party animal in the past, moves a lot “from town to country”), but also could apply to plenty of people.
It was only when she spoke to the panel afterwards that she may have given the game away, and potentially revealed herself to be Denise Van Outen.When Fox revealed to the judges that she “collects teapots”, it didn’t take viewers long to do a bit of digging, and they soon found out that DVO has a teapot collection of her own.
Denise has previously appeared in Chicago, Rent, Tell Me On A Sunday and Legally Blonde, which would also explain why Fox’s performance was one of the strongest of the series so far. 
Other suspects:I don’t have a clue who Fox is either. Maybe Rita Simons. The “East End” clue has thrown me I think. Also...why does Fox have no tail, it’s disturbing me! #MaskedSinger— Rachel 🙄🤨 (@Rachelvz123) January 5, 2020The fox could be Sam Foxx. She is from the East End. Has a husky voice. #MaskedSinger#maskedsingeruk— Iain ✌🏼 (@BeaIe_) January 5, 2020Fox is Bonnie Langford. “East End” = @bbceastenders#MaskedSinger— Courageous Nerd (@Courageous_nerd) January 5, 2020East end? Bit of sass? I’m going for June Brown as the Fox. #MaskedSinger— Alex Davies (@lexyyyD) January 5, 2020Tree 
Main theory: Footballer Teddy Sheringham
Evidence: If you’ll pardon the expression, Tree is the contestant who had us “stumped” the most, which... yes, is because the football world is far from our specialist subject.
In his introductory VT, Tree dropped plenty of hints about his football past (most of it was recorded on a literal football pitch, which was far from subtle), with lines like “pitch perfect”, “goal” and “playing in front of big crowds” being thrown around.
So, how did anyone manage to narrow it down to Teddy Sheringham?Well, as some viewers pointed out, he mentioned that he was going to “grin and bear it”, during his video interview, which many took as a reference to his name.
Clever, right? 
Other suspects:Harry Rednapp The Tree #MaskedSinger— Catherine Hawkins (@Cat27Hawkins) January 11, 2020Could the tree be @rioferdy5 ? Just heard him say it was all for his kids. I said I wasn't going to watch this show btw!! #maskedsinger— WordsHaveConsequences (@MargaretDunne13) January 11, 2020My #MaskedSinger guesses:Tree: Peter Crouch 90% confidentHedgehog: Alfie Boe 80%That said, I was convinced the chameleon was Ewan Thomas 🤔— Alan (@alansheppard) January 11, 2020Abbey Clancy is in The Darkness' new music video. This further confirms that The Tree is Peter Crouch. Just call me Sherlock from now on. #MaskedSingerpic.twitter.com/AyB43svoSc— Roy (@roy_STARR) January 11, 2020I can confirm I am not a singing tree— Peter Crouch (@petercrouch) January 5, 2020Octopus 
Main theory: Pussycat Dolls member Ashley Roberts
Evidence: We’ll admit that we were thrown when Octopus hinted that she was really a famous model, but then we got to thinking about what she really meant by the “catwalk”, and her claim that despite her many arms she’s “equally leggy”.
It all seemed to hint that she was a Pussycat Doll, but the question was: which one?Ashley has already made multiple appearances on British reality TV (I’m A Celebrity, Strictly Come Dancing and The Jump to name just three), but the song choice may have also given the game away. Check out this tweet from 2017:You see last nights episode of #1stlooktv ?!I got to become a mermaid! Dreams made. Ariel eat your heart out. 🐬🐚 @ProjectMermaidspic.twitter.com/DrKEzgI8xz— ASHLEY ROBERTS (@ImAshleyRoberts) March 12, 2017She’s also been showing off her vocal prowess on the West End stage in Waitress, and Octopus also revealed she’s a lover of weight-lifting, as is Ashley.
Other suspects:Watching the #maskedsingeruk again - is it just me or does the octopus 🐙 sound like @courtneyact— sean beggans (@seanbeggans) January 11, 2020🐙— Courtney Act (@courtneyact) January 7, 2020Brave of you all to assume Courtney has the vocal range that Octopus has. Courtney has a distinct voice, it aint her. #MaskedSinger— Haydn (@ThatsSoHaydn) January 7, 2020The Octopus is definitely @MelodyThornton such a good voice and the giggles it's her I know it! #MaskedSinger— Heidi Eastley (@CarmanLou) January 6, 2020Catching up on #MaskedSinger and after the “sashay my way...” line, we’re convinced that Octopus is @michellevisage 🤩🐙😎— Lee Holt (@LHolt_Pulse) January 11, 2020DaisyMain theory: Milkshake and Trick Me singer Kelis
Evidence: Well first of all, Daisy sounds just like Kelis, both singing and talking.
There’s also the fact that she has “uprooted herself from her home soil” (Kelis recently moved to the UK), not to mention her strange claim that her name is derived from the “seeds that made her”, Kelis being a portmanteau of Eveliss and Kenneth, her parents’ names. What truly gave the game away was Daisy’s love of fishing, a hobby that Kelis doesn’t just count among her own, but even devoted an entire song to it on her last food-themed album.
Other suspects: @MaskedSingerUK Throwing it out there, the #Daisy is #Aydawilliams 🙌🏻💃🏼 #MaskedSinger 🌼— Mrs Dakers 📚 (@DakersMrs) January 12, 2020I clearly spoke to soon ... Maybe Meghan will just drop being a Royal ... Maybe she really is Daisy the Flower 🤷🏽‍♀️👀. #MaskedSinger#MeghanMarkle#MeghanAndHarry— Sam Mckeown (@SamMckeown89) January 9, 2020I have absolutely no idea on who Daisy could be so I’m just gonna take a guess 🤷🏻‍♂️😂🌻#MaskedSingerpic.twitter.com/vOhyyyVDEp— DarkGa ☔️ (@DarkGa2) January 5, 2020The Masked Singer airs on Saturday nights on ITV.READ MORE: The Masked Singer Was Even More Bats**t Bonkers Than Anyone Could Have Ever Imagined 29 Things To Look Forward To In The World Of Entertainment In 2020
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