Date TimeJuly 29, 2019
15 memes about student loans for when youre in debt and need to laugh it off
Congrats graduates! Your student loan debt might be forgiven if, and only if, you are left-handed, live in Iowa, apprentice under a wizard, and it's the third cycle of the fifth blood moon. So in the mean time, we might just have to fork over the cash every month. It can be hard to be slapped with an adult-sized bill when you still feel like an exhausted child, except taller and with the ability to drink alcohol. Who gave us this responsibility of tens of thousands of dollars for the next few decades? After all, as so many people so eloquently put it, "I'm baby." SEE ALSO: Animal shelter finds forever homes for furry 'aliens' with Area 51 memesYou start thinking to yourself -- did I even need that higher education? I don't feel any smarter? Why am I laying down stacks when my TA just showed Bill Nye videos our entire lecture? Sadly, we don't have the answers (we're all currently dealing with our own student loans, RIP.) But if you feel like good ol' Sallie Mae is burning a whole in your paycheck every month, and nobody seems to have a concrete plan to destroy the loans through a bit of light arson, these memes are for you. > this is what happens when I make a payment on my student loans> > -- Jake Bunger (@jakebunger) July 29, 2019> My new proposal would forgive student loans for anyone who can dunk on a regulation rim> > -- Dan Sheehan (@ItsDanSheehan) July 29, 2019> I feel like the "erasing student loan" agenda is the adult version of "if you elect me for class president I promise we'll have pizza and ice cream for lunch every day".> > -- Beale St. Jae Crowder (@el_budget) July 28, 2019SEE ALSO: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 12 best moments of 2019 (so far)> I have announced a student loan debt forgiveness program for those who run up the stairs to the Crypt. Grab the books from the skeletons, and pass into the Pit of the Pendulum. Knock over the column and cliiiimb into the King's Storeroom. Smash the clay pots to find the key that-> > -- CurtDogg (@CurtisBonds) July 28, 2019> I think all student loans should be forgiven but each person's forgiveness ceremony should be extremely long and insanely Catholic> > -- Brooks Otterlake (@i_zzzzzz) July 28, 2019> friend: was it worth it to take out all those student loans to work in healthcare? > > me: without a doubt! > > narrator: there were some doubts> > -- Doc Around the Clock (@DocAroundThClok) July 27, 2019> Asked my dad for help with my studentloans and this is what he gave me:> > -- picodegallo (@picodegalllo) July 28, 2019> Your student loans are forgiven GetMeNakedIn5Words> > -- Matt (@matthewmerez) July 27, 2019> me thinking i understood student loans vs me seeing another charge on my account> > -- carrie (@maxgoofofficial) July 23, 2019> This, but unironically. StudentLoans> > -- MJG ⛳️ (@MJGWrites) July 25, 2019> Tell Jesus to meet me at the student loans office tomorrow morning we have a few things to work out> > -- Jesse Thomas Reese (@JTReese89) July 22, 2019> I will always think of that poor raccoon trying to wash his cotton candy in water before eating it, and probably apt for the student loan> > -- Daryl Bartley (@hypercubexl) July 29, 2019At least we won't be stuck paying our loans back in the afterlife. Right? Right?  WATCH: BTS's J-Hope donates thousands towards school scholarships

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