January 24, 2021
Live updates from Galle with second Test in balanceDay two: Root and Bairstow lead England fightbackAnd you can email Adam or send him a tweet 8.19am GMT
Sri Lanka v England: second Test, day three – live!
68th over: England 225-4 (Root 125, Buttler 53) Thanks Adam and morning everyone. Lucky they persevered with Joseph Buttler, eh. We’ll never know how close he was before that Pakistan career-alterer but the answer is probably extremely. But sometimes you get talents that deserve patience and here we are – on that basis I’m slightly surprised he’s missing most of the India Test series and would much prefer him to lozz the limited-overs gear. Two singles off the over. Joe Root averages 50+ in six different countries (5+ innings) - only Dravid and Younis have done so in 7 pic.twitter.com/bLSinINSE0 8.16am GMT
68th over: England 223-4 (Root 124, Buttler 52) Embuldeniya again and Jos calls his captain through for a quick single to cover. Gee, had the throw been on target, the replay shows, that would have been the end of Buttler with his bat getting stuck in the turf when sliding. Not to be for Sri Lanka. Back to Root, dancing and clipping through midwicket for four - superb timing. Indeed, such great timing that Dickwella asks the England captain if he has a spare bat for him. I’m fairly sure Root answers in the affirmative, so one go watch after the series. Going well. And that’s drinks at Galle; the halfway mark of the day and the Test. It also marks my time to hand the OBO baton over to Daniel Harris. Thanks for your company!
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