January 25, 2020
Love Island fans have been declaring themselves either Team Siannise or Team Rebecca after they clashed during a tense recoupling. 
Love Island Fans Are Either Team Siannise Or Team Rebecca After Shock Dumping
Friday night’s episode of the ITV2 reality show saw the former Miss Newcastle couple up with newcomer Luke Trotman, prompting a furious reaction from Siannise Fudge who had set her sights set on him.
“It’s like a kick in the teeth,” she told Rebecca.“It’s like you have gone behind my back. We will talk more about this later.”
The result left the Bristolian beauty consultant visibly upset as she then had to choose between Nas Majeed and Connagh Howard. 
Siannise opted to couple up with Nas as a friend again after Connaugh knocked her back either this week, having cracked on with Rebecca. We'll miss you Connagh with a G 😭 #LoveIslandpic.twitter.com/FDCPK9KkXd— Love Island (@LoveIsland) January 24, 2020Her decision left Connagh single and therefore dumped from the Island.
Viewers were then divided over Rebecca’s outmanoeuvre. 
Some were living for her treading on everyone’s toes...Rebecca really chose Luke T, I am living for this #LoveIslandpic.twitter.com/XFJwBfGbvt— Hilary (@pat_hilary) January 24, 2020I am living for Rebecca though. Full Big Brother contestant energy #LoveIsland— Emma Kelly (@TooManyEmmas) January 24, 2020I am behind but I am LIVING for Rebecca choosing the men Siannise likes #LoveIsland— Loren Donovan (@Loreeeen) January 24, 2020Yess Rebecca, step on these bitches toes #LoveIsland— 〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️ (@realistsankz) January 24, 2020Siannise, Rebecca owes you nothing love! Do one will ya! #LoveIsland— Stuart Kirk (@cptnkirk_7423) January 24, 2020Rebecca offering us a smidgen of the TV we deserve. Carry on rattling Sîannise 🙏🏾 #LoveIsland— Anakin (@marcazette) January 24, 2020But others said they had Siannise’s back...Siânnise telling Rebecca everything is fine followed by "We'll speak later about it" is the ultimate power play and I am here for the drama! #LoveIslandpic.twitter.com/rKRAVpPn14— D D (@LostSleepMummy) January 24, 2020Siannese now that Rebecca stole another man from her:#LoveIslandpic.twitter.com/lDafNLkl68— Kelly (@KTonthebloc) January 24, 2020Now we have to call Siannise by her actual name 😭she earned my respect #loveisland⁠ ⁠ pic.twitter.com/JZ0Bos1wxg— H 🍉 (@AkhiNextDoor) January 24, 2020I'm actually all for Siânnise now. She's genuinely had no luck. I think she's been misunderstood. Rebecca ain't sh*t. She needs to go. Leanne and Mike are getting cuter by the day! 😍 Can't wait for them to WIN! #LoveIsland— Reyhana England (@thatgirlreyy) January 25, 2020Looking forward to seeing Siannise go off on Rebecca on Sunday night 😎 #LoveIslandpic.twitter.com/pg0HkrxyM2— Vicki Cummins (@Vicki_Cummins) January 25, 2020And praised her for deciding to save Nas...YES SIANNISE 🙌🙌🙌🙌🎉🎉🎉she just shot RIGHT UP in my estimations #whatagirl SO SO SO HAPPY for Nas 🤭🥰 hopefully they get someone in there for him now!!!! And her actually.... #LoveIsland@LoveIsland— Jessica :) (@JessieeeJ__x) January 24, 2020Fair played Siannise slightly redeemed yourself there, that Rebecca defo one for the watching now 👀👀 #LoveIsland— Laura Meikle (@laurab_7689) January 24, 2020Siannise: "The boy I want to couple up with is.. Nas"The UK: #LoveIslandpic.twitter.com/Di9hPIHWGP— Jasmin (@ItsJasminHere) January 24, 2020Well done Siannise, you indeed do not have "Mug" written on your forehead#LoveIslandpic.twitter.com/JJIfURfHjR— Alex (@latericusvalete) January 24, 2020I’m not Siannise’s biggest fan but the speech she gave for choosing Nas🥺SHE SAID:“He’s the life and soul of the villa and his personality doesn’t go unnoticed” That was truly beautiful.#LoveIslandpic.twitter.com/drytXaypO1— skyerenaee (@skyerenaee1) January 24, 2020The recoupling saw Sophie Piper get back with Connor Durman, while Paige Turley had a difficult decision to make as she had to choose between newcomer Luke Mabbott and Finn Tapp.
She chose the latter, saying it was a choice between “my head and my heart”.
Jess Gale decided to save Luke M and coupled up with him.
Love Island continues on Sunday at 9pm on ITV2. MORE LOVE ISLAND: Love Island's Ollie Has An Update On The Ex-Girlfriend He Quit The Villa For Love Island's Shaughna Divides Viewers With Protective Behaviour Towards Callum Rebecca's 'Contraceptive Patch' On Love Island Is The Sex-Positive Message We Need
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