Date TimeSeptember 09, 2017
Voice'Big Brother 19': Fifth Juror Reveals How Eviction Will Impact His Finale Vote
 "I thought Matthew and I were a great showmance," Raven Walton tells THR.

Big Brother season 19's second double eviction had viewers seeing more than just double.  

There were blindsides, tears, fake fights and oh yes the news that the CBS series will introduce a celebrity edition this upcoming winter in early 2018.

Viewers of the show reacted on social media celebrating this new iteration, but unfortunately for houseguest Raven Walton—Thursday night wasn't a party for everyone.

 The second evicted houseguest of the night left the game in tears as she lost her shot at the half-million-dollar grand prize.

Raven tells The Hollywood Reporter, "Hopefully I made some impact on people."

Below she talks to THR further about the constant stories she told in the house and who she thinks America is rooting for this season.

Was your mom really struck by lightning and in Mensa? Explain.

Uh, yes, my mom was really struck by lightning. It may have been when I was little or before I was born, but it happened when she was in a car and she went through the steering wheel. My mom is a very strong woman. She's a force of nature. And yes, my mom could be in Mensa. She is super duper smart and she was offered to be in Mensa a couple of times. I'm so in love with my mom. She is an intelligent woman and even though she's sick and disabled I would never know otherwise. She's my rock and inspiration and I'm so blessed to have her as my mom. She's my best friend. She has the same disease as I have and I'm so blessed to have her.

You told a lot of stories to your fellow houseguests in the game. Was it all true?

I'm a storyteller! Everything I told in the house was true. Everything I've gone through, everything my mom went through, all the crazy stories I experienced, yeah! I just wanted to share how cooky I was.

Did your fellow houseguest, Cody really pursue a showmance with you in the game?

Yes, he did. Cody in the beginning I liked him as a person but he started showing his true colors and Matthew and I just clicked. I could not take my eyes off of Matthew. I'm beyond blessed Matthew chose me as well.

Which houseguests this season do you think are well liked by America? Why?

Definitely, Paul. How can you not love Paul and Josh? I also think Matthew was really well liked because if you didn't have a big heart, you wouldn't have been able to sacrifice your game like that! And hopefully I made some impact on people too with my story and not giving up.

Which showmance this season do you think America was rooting for? Why?

Um, I'm not quite sure! I hope they were rooting for Maven, but Jessica got the hex so they may have liked Jessica and Cody. I have no idea. I thought Matthew and I were a great showmance and I don't even know if Mark and Elena were considered a showmance. I could never keep up with them.  I definitely think it was either Jody or Maven!
Were Raven and Matt your favorite showmance or are you team Jessica and Cody? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned to the Live Feed for all things Big Brother.

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