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雪乳正妹直播換衣!側身巨球炸出 人氣Youtuber大暴動
Date Time November 11, 2021, 08:30
雪乳正妹直播換衣!側身巨球炸出 人氣Youtuber大暴動
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Date Time October 23, 2021, 09:00
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Date Time September 30, 2021, 09:00
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學校沒有的「女教師火辣課表」 教師節高清上映!
Date Time September 18, 2021, 09:00
學校沒有的「女教師火辣課表」 教師節高清上映!
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Date Time September 08, 2021, 07:00
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Date Time July 13, 2021, 12:45
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女王「野外露出」選在派出所旁 網友暴動高雄警震怒要查
Date Time June 27, 2021, 22:31
女王「野外露出」選在派出所旁 網友暴動高雄警震怒要查
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Date Time April 30, 2021, 11:39
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直接正對學校!超狂男女脫光在長椅激戰 警察來了超淡定
Date Time April 15, 2021, 03:30
直接正對學校!超狂男女脫光在長椅激戰 警察來了超淡定
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168斷食5點後不吃!她問能「咬咬」嗎  營養系專業給答案
Date Time March 30, 2021, 18:27
168斷食5點後不吃!她問能「咬咬」嗎  營養系專業給答案
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Date Time March 30, 2021, 12:54
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「註定要跟台灣男生在一起」 俄國聲優來7年變了:他們教我幸福
Date Time March 16, 2021, 22:01
「註定要跟台灣男生在一起」 俄國聲優來7年變了:他們教我幸福
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Date Time March 09, 2021, 11:03
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亡母告誡禁婚前性行為:要尊重女生! 孝子守8年破戒卻分手了
Date Time March 03, 2021, 17:31
亡母告誡禁婚前性行為:要尊重女生! 孝子守8年破戒卻分手了
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Date Time February 23, 2021, 11:57
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請好友測試女友忠誠度! 他崩潰發現「超綠」真相:2人結婚了
Date Time February 16, 2021, 00:52
請好友測試女友忠誠度! 他崩潰發現「超綠」真相:2人結婚了
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台積電男年薪200萬「每天一杯手搖飲」卻追不到店員 網曝關鍵2字
Date Time February 15, 2021, 20:26
台積電男年薪200萬「每天一杯手搖飲」卻追不到店員 網曝關鍵2字
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旅行愛上同1女!好兄弟決定「一起3P」 都想讓她生小孩
Date Time February 15, 2021, 18:55
旅行愛上同1女!好兄弟決定「一起3P」 都想讓她生小孩
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結婚紀念日送「月球土地」當禮物 人妻超感動:好像真的上月球
Date Time February 15, 2021, 00:52
結婚紀念日送「月球土地」當禮物 人妻超感動:好像真的上月球
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17歲少女忤逆父親慘被性侵! 她逃向男友求助卻成2人性奴...
Date Time February 14, 2021, 18:55
17歲少女忤逆父親慘被性侵! 她逃向男友求助卻成2人性奴...
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深夜房門被陌生男鑰匙打開! 單身女冷靜「一舉動」順利救自己
Date Time February 14, 2021, 00:52
深夜房門被陌生男鑰匙打開! 單身女冷靜「一舉動」順利救自己
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努力避孕妻子還是有喜! 他發現兒子是「黑白混血」崩潰:被綠了
Date Time February 13, 2021, 18:55
努力避孕妻子還是有喜! 他發現兒子是「黑白混血」崩潰:被綠了
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「被男友灌醉」送給同事一起性侵 她痛苦忍辱...下體傳可怕惡臭
Date Time February 13, 2021, 00:52
「被男友灌醉」送給同事一起性侵 她痛苦忍辱...下體傳可怕惡臭
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27歲女擁傲人O罩杯「胸部還在長大」 她崩潰:快要變P罩杯!
Date Time February 12, 2021, 18:55
27歲女擁傲人O罩杯「胸部還在長大」 她崩潰:快要變P罩杯!
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裸體幫你掃去家中病毒! 她推火辣家政婦爆紅:撫慰封城寂寞
Date Time February 12, 2021, 00:52
裸體幫你掃去家中病毒! 她推火辣家政婦爆紅:撫慰封城寂寞
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「婚前交過男朋友」禁止穿白紗! 新娘委屈退婚他討拍:有錯嗎
Date Time February 11, 2021, 18:55
「婚前交過男朋友」禁止穿白紗! 新娘委屈退婚他討拍:有錯嗎
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阻止未婚妻動手術!純情男崩潰大哭 「她很害羞不能男醫生看」
Date Time February 11, 2021, 00:52
阻止未婚妻動手術!純情男崩潰大哭 「她很害羞不能男醫生看」
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53歲媽幫忙「生孫女」女兒也意外懷孕 母女隔幾周生下親姐妹!
Date Time February 10, 2021, 18:55
53歲媽幫忙「生孫女」女兒也意外懷孕 母女隔幾周生下親姐妹!
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第一次約會男生付錢才MAN!? 兩性專家大讚:會讓女人動春心
Date Time February 10, 2021, 00:52
第一次約會男生付錢才MAN!? 兩性專家大讚:會讓女人動春心
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23歲辣模每天做2小時「妹妹日光浴」 戶外超狂開腿:能增加性慾
Date Time February 09, 2021, 18:55
23歲辣模每天做2小時「妹妹日光浴」 戶外超狂開腿:能增加性慾
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Ralf Rangnick against the Manchester United machine: is it a masterstroke? | Barney Ronay
Rugby and football scramble to come to terms with threat of Omicron variant
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Tiger Woods feared losing leg but aims for part-time return to PGA Tour
BHA deny former integrity chief went on an ‘Oliver Reed-style bender’
Big names risk wrath of home circuits by committing to play Saudi Invitational
‘The beauty of Test cricket’: New Zealand rearguard snatch thrilling draw in India
Former England captain Ray Illingworth receiving treatment for cancer
Great Britain can rely on their doubles against Germany in Davis Cup
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Talking Horses: Bryony Frost case will put racing’s rulers in the dock
‘It is not biology’: Women’s chess hindered by low numbers and sexism | Sean Ingle
Lee Elder, golfer who broke colour barrier at the Masters, dies at age of 87
Max Scherzer set for New York Mets in MLB record $43m-a-year contract
Amir Khan and Kell Brook to finally settle rivalry with 19 February fight
I may not be the target of racist abuse but football’s struggle is my struggle too
Timo Werner running out of time to prove he can succeed at Chelsea
Manchester City’s Hayley Raso: ‘My book is for my brother and family’
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Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter chief executive
Today programme off air for nearly 30 minutes after alarm sounds
‘My colleagues ignored me for a year’: what it’s really like to work in TV as a disabled person
The Guardian editorial: how does a newspaper decide what it thinks?
Richard Madeley says he woke up ‘babbling’ before I’m a Celebrity exit
Disney+ channel launches in Hong Kong, without the Simpsons Tiananmen Square episode
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Last Tango in Paris: story behind Bertolucci’s film to become TV series
Sunday with Rick Edwards: ‘My cat goes ballistic at 6am’
Facebook’s lame attempts to grab my attention make it clear: it’s time to leave | Eleanor Margolis
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The 20 best songs of 2021
Wizkid review – Nigerian superstar spoils his victory lap with an ill-considered guest
Squid Game marbles? Taylor Swift’s stolen scarf? It’s the culture Christmas gift guide 2021!
‘No one could cry to Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me’: David O’Doherty’s honest playlist
‘Unapologetically truthful and unapologetically Blak’: Australia bows down to Barkaa
Elgar and Bridge/Schwabe: Cello Concertos review – hugely impressive and refreshingly straightforward
Katie Taylor: ‘I definitely come from a strong line of great women’
Ralf Rangnick takes interim Manchester United job with focus on success
Joe Root in touch with Azeem Rafiq but reiterates he did not witness racism
‘It is not biology’: Women’s chess hindered by low numbers and sexism
Premier League and EFL in secret talks to remove parachute payments
Novak Djokovic likely to skip Australian Open over vaccine mandate, says father
The Rams traded away tomorrow. Unfortunately today doesn’t look too hot either
Cardwell makes a difference as England beat Jamaica in first netball Test
Emma Raducanu thanks ‘cool’ Lewis Hamilton for advice
Mark Selby knocked out of UK Championship by Hossein Vafaei
Cam Newton’s woeful day for Carolina Panthers ends in benching
Contradictory Australian cricket culture still ruled by traditional machismo | Sam Perry
Diego Martínez: ‘I saw English football and I had to experience it’ | Sid Lowe
PSG should use Neymar’s latest injury as a chance to build without him | Eric Devin
Köln’s derby win sparks delirium and cements Baumgart’s hero status | Andy Brassell
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Sondheim reshaped musical theatre, placing it at the very heart of American culture | David Benedict
The Guardian view on Josephine Baker: a timely addition to the Panthéon | Editorial
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Adele dominates UK charts with double No 1, highest first week sales since 2017
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Daedelus x Joshua Idehen: Holy Water Over Sons review – lullabies for the end of the world
Jorginho spot on as Chelsea fight back for point against Manchester United
Manchester City beat snow and West Ham with Fernandinho goal
Passionate, single-minded Sir Frank Williams embodied spirit of racing
Another tight draw as Carlsen and Nepomniachtchi battle for world title
Billy Vunipola returns in style as sharp Saracens beat ill-disciplined Sale
Great Britain battle past Czech Republic to win place in Davis Cup quarter-finals
Brentford’s Ivan Toney hits the spot to pile misery on sorry Everton
Jamie Vardy double ensures losing Leicester return for Watford’s Ranieri
Ashley Giles suggests Michael Vaughan should be given ‘second chance’
George Kambosos Jr stuns Teófimo López for unified lightweight title in seismic upset
Sir Frank Williams obituary
Monty Panesar: ‘My message to British Asian players is focus on your cricket’
Dogs dazzle on surfboards in Brazil competition – video
Perth Scorchers’ WBBL triumph thrills but finals format fails to fire | Megan Maurice
Aubameyang to Zaha: how Africa Cup of Nations will hit Premier League
Heavy snow forces late Burnley v Tottenham postponement
European roundup: Messi inspires PSG fightback, Sassuolo shock Milan
Sheffield United dispatch Bristol City to give Paul Heckingbottom perfect start
Daniel Sturridge should consult a map because Perth Glory are on a wild ride
Farce as Belenenses start game with nine men – including two keepers
‘I have an outsider’s perspective’: why Will Sharpe is the A-List’s new favourite director
Gaby Hoffmann: ‘I really love my job, but I don’t want to do it that often’
Streaming: James Bond in No Time to Die and other great action antiheroes
Dying to Divorce: Turkish women’s campaign against domestic violence is set for Oscars
Jon Snow: ‘I’ve always been emotional and I think it’s a good thing’
UK officials still blocking Peter Wright’s ‘embarrassing’ Spycatcher files
Intruder reaches walls of I’m a Celebrity castle in north Wales
Switched off: Afghan media struggle to survive under Taliban rule
The stars with Down’s syndrome lighting up our screens: ‘People are talking about us instead of hiding us away’
Security guard for TV news crew killed during Oakland robbery attempt
Paul O’Grady: ‘I’m not worried about sex, money or fame – I just want a mongoose’
Australian TV reporter Matt Doran gives lengthy on-air apology after he ‘insulted’ Adele
Joanne Froggatt: ‘Mick Jagger is a big Downton fan’
Madonna criticises Instagram for taking down nipple photo
Mark Gatiss TV version brings The Amazing Mr Blunden back into print
And still television companies beat a path to wife-beater Stanley Johnson’s front door. Why? | Catherine Bennett
Inside story: the first pandemic novels have arrived, but are we ready for them?
Sorry, Ridley Scott, we just don’t think it’s safe to go back into the cinema | Rebecca Nicholson
The Guardian view on clergy on TV: not just ‘rogues or idiots’ | Editorial
Amyl and the Sniffers review – a blizzard from Oz
One to watch: Logic1000
The week in classical: The Valkyrie; Sacconi Quartet review – at the mercy of the gods
Little Simz review – an unstoppable force on the mic
‘Dancing kept me sane’: how black British youth found a home in northern soul
James review – shamanic Mancs provide spiritual nourishment
Sinne Eeg and Thomas Fonnesbæk: Staying in Touch review – a great Danish double act
Ralf Rangnick’s arrival signals shift from messiah fix to modern vision of the game | Jonathan Wilson
Magnus Carlsen embraces chaos in gripping draw with Ian Nepomniachtchi
Going back to drawing board sparked Lewis Hamilton’s late F1 title charge | Giles Richards
Max Malins: ‘If you’re in an England shirt, you can’t be too disappointed’
Barbarians deny ‘shambles’ of Covid call-off was their fault or RFU’s
Diogo Jota quick off the mark as Liverpool power past Southampton
Neal Maupay’s spectacular misses cost Brighton in stalemate with Leeds
Creevy and Simmons upset Harlequins to edge London Irish to victory
Barbarians match called off 90 minutes before kick-off due to Covid cases
Davis Cup: Norrie and Evans lead Great Britain past France in empty arena
Cobham calling: Chelsea’s academy is colonising the Premier League | Jonathan Liew
Cloudy Glen wins Ladbrokes Trophy Chase in Trevor Hemmings’ colours
Millie Bright looking imperious and undroppable as England’s anchor | Suzanne Wrack
Michael Vaughan ‘sorry’ for hurt Azeem Rafiq suffered, denies racism allegations
WTA still ‘deeply concerned’ over Peng Shuai’s ability to communicate freely
Neymar’s once joyful talent risks being mangled by the PSG project | Barney Ronay
Has enough time passed for Steve Smith’s sins to be forgiven? | Megan Maurice
Aaron Hickey: ‘You go to bed thinking about playing at San Siro – that’s a wow moment’
‘It started out as pub chat’: four men in a row boat target Atlantic crossing | Kieran Pender
World Rugby’s new rules will lift smaller nations and should benefit whole game | Ugo Monye
Ralf Rangnick’s arrival is a response to Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea revolution | Barney Ronay
Cricket has made a start in tackling discrimination – it must see it through | Chris Grant
Peng Shuai: the tennis star at centre of China’s biggest #MeToo allegation
European roundup: Juve downed by Atalanta while Haaland scores on return
Aston Villa overcome Crystal Palace to extend Steven Gerrard’s fine start
José Sá keeps Norwich at bay as Wolves secure draw at Carrow Road
Championship roundup: Coventry comeback denies Cherries top spot
Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli see off winless Newcastle
Damning report reveals Southampton FC’s 70s and 80s sexual abuse failures
Wales and Scotland on potential collision course in World Cup play-off final
Hands off The Princess Bride! Which 80s fantasy films are due a reboot?
Tell us: what is your favourite Christmas film?
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Chhorii review – Hindi horror remake falls prey to its own failings
Richard Madeley leaves I’m a Celebrity after hospital visit
Raheem Sterling to be among Christmas guest editors on Today programme
‘I am not gonna die on the internet for you!’: how game streaming went from dream job to a burnout nightmare
Private firms working for UK government ‘should be subject to FOI rules’
Move over, The Crown! Why The Great is the racy royal drama you need to watch
Giuseppe Dell’Anno: ‘I thought Bake Off was going to be a nightmare’
Ian Curteis obituary
Heartwarming Christmas advert featuring Santa getting a boyfriend goes viral – video
How two BBC journalists risked their jobs to reveal the truth about Jimmy Savile – podcast
‘Grotesque, leftwing back-scratching’: failed Senate inquiry into ABC leaves Coalition enraged | The Weekly Beast
Like the prime minister, I have had a public brain freeze. The fear never leaves you | Adrian Chiles
‘People are nasty as hell on there’: the battle to close Tattle – the most hate-filled corner of the web
‘You can’t cancel me, I’ve got bills to pay!’: music stars on pop’s strange 2021
Westlife: Wild Dreams review – desperate divorced-dad energy
Let’s talk about sex: how Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP sent the world into overdrive
Manchester United in advanced talks to make Ralf Rangnick interim manager
Exeter Chiefs to ditch Native American branding after consulting fans
Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend
Tim Paine takes leave of absence from cricket, Pat Cummins to be named Australian captain
Can WTA Tour thrive should its ties to China be severed over Peng Shuai? | Courtney Walsh
Talking Horses: Paisley Park can benefit from lighter touch at Newbury
Fresh delay to ECB diversity plan as Mehmooda Duke leaves Leicestershire
Crouch review a genuine landmark for football with possibility of real change | David Conn
How to fix Manchester United? It depends which direction they want to go in | Karen Carney
Raiders pip Cowboys on overtime field goal while Bears keep Lions winless
Rassie Erasmus apologises to Lions referee Berry and withdraws ban appeal
Maro Itoje sent for acting classes by Eddie Jones to develop leadership skills
Fran Kirby: ‘It’s tough to do the things I do at Chelsea with England’
Alfredo Morelos sinks Sparta Prague to send Rangers into knockout stage
Mura stun Tottenham with late Europa Conference winner after Sessegnon red
Leicester get back on track with victory but Legia Warsaw fans clash with police
Celtic out of Europa League with two late goals from Bayer Leverkusen
Government plans to ‘proceed at pace’ with fan-led review despite dissent
Mark Noble on the spot as West Ham beat Rapid Vienna to wrap up group
Sheffield United appoint Heckingbottom after sacking Jokanovic
‘Not what is expected’: Bielsa claims he is offering Leeds poor value for money
‘Idris Elba and Seal are the only Black men in England!’ Boxing Day’s Aml Ameen on repping the UK from LA
Stellan Skarsgård: ‘My tips for fatherhood? Don’t lie. Even about Santa Claus’
Ridley Scott films – ranked!
Paul Weller’s 30 greatest songs – ranked!
Eighties pop star Debbie Gibson: ‘The price of fame is high. I have a therapist on speed dial!’
David Bowie: Toy review – 1960s gems polished on lost album
Post your questions for Big Boi from Outkast
Frank Turner on reconciling with his trans parent: ‘Miranda is a really nice person – my dad wasn’t’
The Beatles: Get Back review – eight hours of TV so aimless it threatens your sanity
Will Nepo’s supercomputer give him world title edge over Carlsen? | Sean Ingle