Date TimeSeptember 06, 2017
Voice'Game of Thrones': The 15 Best Quotes From Season 7
As much as Game of Thrones leans on effects-heavy battle sequences and brutal bits of unexpected death, the show's secret weapon has always been its sharp tongue.

From the earliest moments of the very first season, Game of Thrones made a case for itself not by thrusting viewers into dragon fire and gory war (although the very first scene does involve frozen zombie creatures...), but by having its whip-smart characters exchange equally smart words with one another. Whether it's something snappy like "winter is coming," or "you win or you die," or a throwaway line from a spoiled little brat ("make the bad man fly!"), Thrones has always been as quotable as it is action-packed.

Season seven was no exception, of course, even as the most action-packed year of the show to date. With the season fully in the books at this point, here are 15 of the best quotes from the latest year in Game of Thrones.