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Off the cuff: Techie makes online sheep market for Eid
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The secret of German success
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Scotty Bowers, ‘male madame to stars’, dies aged 96
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Hong Kong leader rules out concessions in face of escalating violence
California power outages highlight economic disparity
Hunter Biden Says Ukraine Gas Board Service Was ‘Poor Judgment’
Lebanon turns to neighbours for help fighting forest fires
Diahann Carroll, groundbreaking 'Julia' actress and Tony winner, dies at 84
Bulgarian football president to resign after racist abuse in England game
Uefa head defends record in tackling racism amid calls for Bulgaria action
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Three Orphaned Children Of Islamist Fighters In Syria Could Get ‘Safe Passage’ To UK
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Telegraph drops WH Smith water promo as pre-tax profits fall 94%
Without encryption we will lose all privacy. This is our new battleground | Edward Snowden
National Enquirer shredded Trump documents, Ronan Farrow book claims
Turkey may be 'responsible' for executions of Kurds in Syria: UN
U.S. officials are considering pulling nuclear weapons from Turkey
The Latest: Catalan activist say they will appeal to Europe
Nigerian police rescue 67 from 'inhuman' conditions at Islamic 'school'
The Amelia Earhart Mystery Stays Down in the Deep
Confessions of a cannabis farmer: The Vietnamese getting Brits high
England’s Tyrone Mings stands tall with composure off the pitch and on it
The Spin | Bessie Stone’s head injury and the court case that threatened cricket
We fell short this time, but a USA World Cup could send rugby skywards | Will Hooley
Clean athletes: Britain to be coached in washing hands before Tokyo 2020
Will Montemurro’s small squad come back to haunt Arsenal this season? | Suzanne Wrack
Derby’s Tom Lawrence and Mason Bennett avoid jail over drink-driving
British government urges Uefa to crack down on Bulgaria in response to racism
Bulgaria v England: 'One of the most appalling nights in football' – video report
Hunter Biden admits he exercised 'poor judgment' in serving on Ukrainian gas company board
Leomie Anderson: ‘Putting on this dress took 30 minutes – but it was such fun to wear’
Police Say No-Deal Brexit Could Be A 'Rallying Cry' For Terrorists In Northern Ireland
Gary Glitter Will Not Receive A Penny In Royalties After One Of His Songs Is Used In Joker
Amber Rudd Calls Brexiteer Tory MPs 'Sexist' For Backing Boris Johnson's Deal But Not Theresa May's
Elton John Defends Ellen DeGeneres’ Friendship With George W. Bush Amid Twitter Backlash
Boris Johnson Given Midnight Deadline To Reach Brexit Deal With EU
Manchester City Football Club Opens Sensory Viewing Room For Fans With Autism
David Pomphret Sentenced To At Least 20 Years For Murdering Wife With A Crowbar
Tens of thousands of Hong Kong protesters plead for U.S. help
Court Ruling Extends Vote Protest of Philippine Marcos’ Son
Sri Lanka presidential hopeful says won't honor deal with UN
Four-metre king cobra wrestled from sewer in Thailand
Trump claims a victory in China trade war, but US farmers want details
Harry Styles: homeless man found guilty of stalking star
Bulgaria goalkeeper praises home fans and says England players 'overreacted'
England's vile and disturbing night in Sofia will live long in sporting infamy | Barney Ronay
Faster, higher, stronger, cleaner: British athletes to be coached in washing hands
Derby’s Tom Lawrence and Mason Bennett admit drink-driving and could face jail
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Oleksandr Usyk won his heavyweight debut but can he beat the big boys?
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Uefa under pressure to crack down on Bulgaria in response to racism
John Bolton warned White House lawyers about 'hand grenade' Giuliani and Mulvaney, aide reportedly testified
Oatly Has Launched An Ice Cream And You Have 3 Flavours To Choose From
Thomas Haining, Father Who Shook Baby To Death, Sentenced To 8 Years In Jail
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David Pomphret Sentenced To At Least 20 Years Behind Bars For Bludgeoning His Wife To Death With A Crowbar
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Jacob Rees-Mogg Claims 'Votes Are Now There' For Boris Johnson's Brexit Plan
This Bride's 4 Grandmas Were The Flower Girls At Her Wedding
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Hong Kong's leader: Territory not becoming a police state
'Do the right thing,' family of UK teen killed in crash tells U.S. diplomat's wife
Warren, Buttigieg Dismiss O’Rourke’s Call to Strip Churches of Tax-Exempt Status If They Oppose Gay Marriage
India blocks SMS services in Kashmir after trucker killed
U.S. Surveillance Turns Away From ISIS—and to Its Own Troops
When Cops Create Their Own Risk, Innocent People Die for Their Mistakes
Rep. Lee Zeldin reacts to Matt Gaetz's ejection from closed-door impeachment hearing
Mayor Pete’s Husband to Embark on European Fundraising Tour Hosted by Elite Allies
Fashion killa: why are rappers at war with their stylists?
Gary Glitter will not receive Joker royalties, say rights holders
Jimmy Kimmel and The Daily Show chart Trump's impeachment meltdown, global chaos generation
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England upbeat over Billy Vunipola's chances of facing Australia
How sports tactics can help the Democrats beat Donald Trump in 2020
Thomas Tuchel: ‘I told Neymar to face the truth and deal with consequences’ | Darren Tulett
Japan and All Blacks aim for greater rewards on showcase weekend | Robert Kitson
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Operation Dumbo Drop to Mr Boogedy: the 10 strangest Disney films
How To Undermine Democracy Using This One Simple Trick
Elton John Calls Michael Jackson A 'Disturbing Person To Be Around'
Extinction Rebellion Banned From Protesting In London As Police Clear Trafalgar Square Camp
Lily Allen Confirms Romance With Stranger Things Star David Harbour In Instagram Post
Outcry after Trump fails to condemn fake video of him shooting opponents
Half a million over-75s with dementia will have to pay for TV licences – study
Flooded bullet trains show Japan's risks from disasters
Kremlin tells Turkey to ensure Syria operation is proportionate
Harry Dunn's parents give tearful account of finding dying son to US TV
Target Cuts Workers’ Hours after Vowing to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 By 2020
Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal on Knife Edge
State Department website promotes Mike Pompeo speech on 'Being a Christian Leader'
Hong Kong Under ‘De Facto Curfew’ as Subway Stations Shut Early
Late-night hosts gawk as Trump digs his impeachment hole all the way to China, yanks in Mike Pence
Vile and disturbing Sofia spectacle will live long in sporting infamy | Barney Ronay
It is time to capitalise on Japan’s success and start the Seven Nations | Ugo Monye
Rugby World Cup goes with experienced referees for quarter-finals after criticism
Buy a classic sport photograph: Kelly Holmes' eye-popping celebration
Fight Club at 20: the prescience and power of David Fincher's drama
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Recurrent Miscarriage Left Me Feeling Like A Ticking Time Bomb. We Have To Start Talking About It
Soldier wounded during search for Bowe Bergdahl dies of his injuries
The Latest: Fire department: LA blaze began under power line
Kamala Harris’s Offices Fought Payments to Wrongly Convicted
China inflation surges as pork prices soar
Will Trump's withdrawal from Syria make Republicans back impeachment?
Trump's Botched Attempt to Hire Gowdy
California is first state to mandate school start times
Texas policeman faces murder charges after killing black woman in her home
Tracks of the week reviewed: Meghan Trainor, David Hasselhoff
World Rugby throws book at Scotland following war of words over cancellation
Blown calls cost Lions as Rodgers works his comeback magic for Packers
Nationals one win from World Series after pummeling Cardinals
California becomes first US state to push back school start time
NATO's Stoltenberg defends stance on Turkey's offensive in Syria
Japan storm victims felt worst had passed, then floods came
Harry Dunn: Parents reject apology from Anne Sacoolas as they fly to the United States
Scrambling to limit damage, Trump tells Turkey to stop its Syria invasion
Jayme Closs: 1 year after abduction, I'm feeling stronger
Exclusive: Trump lawyer Giuliani was paid $500,000 to consult on indicted associate's firm
The Latest: $200,000 bond set for ex-cop charged with murder
LeBron James says Daryl Morey wasn't 'educated' before Hong Kong tweet
Cricket Australia commit to pay parity for women's World T20
U.S. demands Syria ceasefire, slaps sanctions on Turkey over incursion
Poland’s Nationalists Underwhelmed by Historic Election Win
New Orleans hotel collapse: Search on for a missing worker
Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal On Knife Edge as EU Needs More Time
The Latest: 2nd crane in danger of collapse
Bible found opened to Psalm 106 and 107 one of few objects to survive deadliest fire in US history
Brexit on October 31 a 'priority' for British government: Queen
'Incel' violence is horrific, but Joker is complex, and doesn't take sides
Bill Turnbull Was ‘Cross’ Over BBC’s ‘Unfair’ Decision To Uphold Complaint Against BBC Breakfast Colleague Naga Munchetty
Countdown’s Nick Hewer Reveals He Was Asked To Do Strictly This Year - And The Reason He Said No
1 In 4 Women Still Fear They'd Be Fired For Reporting Sexual Harassment
The Latest: Pence heads to Mideast as Turkey attacks Kurds
Joe Biden's son Hunter announces resignation from Chinese firm amid impeachment row
Trump loyalist accused of being president’s ‘eyes and ears’ after crashing closed-door impeachment hearing
Renewables overtake hydrocarbons in UK electricity generation: study
Some states celebrate indigenous people instead of Columbus
The 100 best albums of the 21st century
Gareth Southgate praises England players for making ‘major statement’
Josh Adams has Wales quarter-final and World Cup record in his sights
Talking Horses: Ralph Beckett hits form and trains sights on a damp Ascot
The weirdest movies you can watch on Disney+ and the ones you can't (yet)
Scarlett Johansson ‘Pushing’ for All-Women Marvel Movie
Labour MPs Warn Party Is ‘Nowhere Near Ready’ For Election After PLP Briefing
Corbyn Slams 'Blatant' Targeting Of BAME And Working Class Voters Over ID Plan
Turkey says Kurdish forces emptied Islamic State prison in northeast Syria
U.S. Forces Try to Stop Syrian Regime Forces From Helping Kurds Fight Turkey
Polls show a 17-point swing toward impeaching Trump
Wedding attack suspect is stepson of recently slain minister
For Syria Kurds, the end of autonomy?
Pope's bodyguard resigns over new financial leaks scandal
Sanders unveils economic plan a day before U.S. Democratic debate
Hunter Biden disputes Trump attacks of his work, wades into impeachment fight
England Euro 2020 qualifier in Sofia halted twice over racist abuse
Japan and New Zealand have higher goals after showcase weekend | Robert Kitson
Michael Cheika questions worth of Ricky Stuart working with England
Mercedes flex muscles in Japan to leave rivals in the rear-view mirror
Euro 2020 roundup: Ronaldo hits 700th career goal, Giroud on target again
Gregor Townsend keen on fresh start after Jekyll and Hyde World Cup | Andy Bull
Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly had dozens of private meetings with conservatives to talk 'free speech'
Zoe Kravitz to Play Catwoman in ‘The Batman’
Sam Bobrick, ‘Saved by the Bell’ Creator, Dies at 87
The directors’ cut: film-makers choose the best movies of the century so far
Rebel Judges Split Booker Prize Between Margaret Atwood And Bernardine Evaristo
England Game Against Bulgaria Blighted By Racist Crowd Abuse As Game Halted Twice
CIA spy whose cover was blown by Bush administration warns Trump over chilling effect of outing whistleblower
Man Convicted in Murder of Law Professor Locked in Family Feud
Anthony Scaramucci is desperately trying to recruit Mitt Romney for a 2020 run
China Wants Additional Round of Talks before Signing ‘Phase One’ Deal Touted by Trump
Multiple arrests in Hong Kong as 'flashmob' protests hit pro-Bejing targets
Iran alleges foreign government behind 'treacherous' ship attack
A Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein That Bill Gates Now 'Regrets'
Hundreds of migrants corralled at detention center in Mexico
Regime returns to northeast Syria to halt Turkey assault on Kurds
Porn Producers Are Charged With Sex Trafficking
St Pauli part company with player who voiced support of Turkey’s invasion
Son leads South Korea across great divide to face ‘Ronaldo of the North’ | John Duerden
McNair double sets up first Northern Ireland away friendly win since 2006
U.S. officials scoff at Trump's theory that Kurdish forces are releasing prisoners with ISIS ties
‘News Stars’ Will Fill Shepard Smith’s Slot, Says Fox News President (EXCLUSIVE)
Joe Giudice unrecognizable upon release from ICE custody: See his wild transformation
A Burst Water Main Has Just Destroyed A House In The West Midlands
South Korean pop star Sulli found dead at her home
Assad troops enter north-east Syria after Russia-backed deal with Kurds